Our partners

Our partners

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Sisi ni Amani Kenya (SNA-K) uses a combination of traditional and innovative approaches to communication and dialogue to increase civic engagement and prevent violence in Kenyan communities.
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hsf logoThe Hanns Seidel Foundation runs around 100 projects in 60 countries worldwide. The focus of these projects is on strengthening civil society, civic involvement and promoting the rule of law, education and management training, raising environmental awareness and advising decision-makers in politics, business and administration. Visit website 

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Inuka Ni Sisi Ltd is a grassroots social movement dedicated to inspiring Kenyans at every level to take charge of improving their own lives by promoting Heshima (dignity and respect for others), Diversity (inclusiveness and equality) and Self-Belief: Ni Sisi! – It is Us! Inuka believes It is Up to Us to transform Kenya into a country of which we can all be proud. Visit website