Our Work

Our Work

Civic Education

Through civic education component Sauti focuses on creating awareness around four thematic areas: Public Participation, Public Finance Management, Service Delivery and Political tolerance.

The civic education engagement also focuses on enhancing the understating of citizens of the various roles and functions of different levels of government, elections and voting procedures based on the constitution.

Accountability Forums

Through accountability forums, Sauti brings together members of the community and their immediate duty bearers (leaders) to dialogue on key contextual priorities issues for resolution. Through the accountability forums, respective leaders are put to task to account for the development process in their areas of representation.

Thematic forums

Sauti Yetu thematic forums are tailored to address emerging issues around following categories: Health, Education, Environment, Employment and Good Governance. Leaders and members of the community are given a levelled platform to discuss emerging issues within their areas for resolution.

Toolkit Training and Mentorship

Based on our experience with community engagement, we believe that the key to responsive, responsible and accountable systems of governance is in building the capacity of members of the community to own the process of change.

Driven by this belief we invest heavily in generating, sharing and applying knowledge in effective public participation in decision making and accountability.

Sauti Yetu Believes equipping community-based groups or organizations with the knowledge and capacity to carry out their own forums is one of the effective ways of building sustainable institutions of governance. Through the toolkit training and Mentorship programme Sauti Yetu equips community groups and organizations with the needed skills to promote citizen agency in their respective areas.

Through the toolkit training and mentorship programme, Sauti Yetu work to empower individuals and community groups to tackle prevailing challenges within their localities.