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MCA Debate in Menengai Ward, Nakuru County
June 15, 2017
You want to be elected, champion for sufficient ECD Facilities and a Health Center from the county government, Residents of Menengai ward tell MCA seat candidates

On 15th June 2017 Sauti Yetu organized a political debate for member of County assembly in Menengai ward Nakuru East Constituency at Forojo Nursery School Hall Kiratina. The debate brought together residents of Menengai ward, community leaders and the Aspirants who were vying for the Mca post. The debate aimed at a providing a platform for the members of the community to vet various candidates for the MCA seat in Menengai ward. A total of 3 Aspirants were present for the debate .they were Mr. John kiritu Wairimu, (Independent), Mr Muraya Kariuki Lawrence (Independent), and Mr. Ben Gathogo (Independent).

The key priority issues of concern from the residents of Menengai ward included:

  1. Good Governance – lack of accountability from elected leaders.
  2. Trade – Keratina market under contraction has stalled for several years despite funds being allocated in previous financial years.
  3. Education – No public ECDE Polytechnic in the ward and larger Sub- county.
  4. Health – Lack of Health facility in the ward.
  5. Infrastructure – Lack of sewer system and poor drainage in the entire ward yet fund were provided.
  6. Security – Lighting not working in some parts of the ward and take too long to be repaired thus increased crime.

Response from aspirants

  1. Market – Institute a ward development committee to intervene on the finalization of the market, Construct a modern market at keratin, Initiate light industries in the Market.
  2. Bursary – Use poverty index to distribute bursary, form a bursary committee at every village, and widen scope of resource for bursary.
  3. Water and Sanitation – Initiate an association for water regulation, legislate to have irate water project serving the residents of Menengai.
  4. Drug and Alcohol abuse – crate job opportunities for the youth through entrepreneurship and trade.

The Menengai ward debate saw signing of the Menengai ward accord that among other conditions calls upon the elected MCA, to convene a joint community forum within 30 days after swearing in to chart out key priorities for the ward.